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Questions and answers: Information for students

FAQ (last update: 15 September 2020)


How is in-class teaching going to be handled in the current summer semester?

In-class teaching will be the absolute exception. The Rector’s Office is working closely with the faculties to decide which classes will take place in the classroom. The hygiene guidelines adopted by the Rector’s Office will apply to these classes and can be accessed via the following link: Important documents. There you will also find the self-disclosure form you will need to participate.

I have been invited to a video conference in Stud.IP. How do I participate and what do I need to bear in mind?

Our instructors are using various video conferencing systems that all work in a similar fashion. Here is a quick guide to the technical requirements and how to conduct yourself in a large video conference or webinar.

When are lectures set to begin in the winter semester?

The lecture period has been postponed for all students, including first-year students. It will begin on Monday, 2 November 2020 and end on Saturday, 20 February 2021. Christmas break will be from Monday, 21 December 2020, to Sunday, 3 January 2021.

The only exception will be for higher-semester students already enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine. For these students, lectures will begin as originally planned on Monday, 12 October 2020, and end on Saturday, 6 February 2021.


What will apply to classroom exams during summer semester?

Exams that take place on site at the university will continue to be the exception. The Rector’s Office emphasised this once again in the resolution it passed on 20 May. Furthermore, these exams may only be carried out under strict hygienic conditions. Exam dates will be organised by the faculties. For more information, please refer to the Löwenportal, your faculty’s website, or your exam office.

Is it possible to take exams in a different way?

Yes, it is possible, for example, to do a term paper instead of an exam, as this does not require your physical presence at the university. The senate passed a statute containing special regulations.

During this online semester, lecturers can also specify other exam formats. In addition to a term paper or project work, there will be oral exams via video link and online exams. The LLZ has compiled an overview.

For the “open online exam” format there is a freely accessible sample test with many different types of questions to try out.

What if I don’t pass my module exam in the summer semester?

The maximum number of exam attempts for module exams in the bachelor’s and master’s programmes has been lifted for the entire summer semester 2020. Any failed module exams are therefore considered not taken. This also applies to module exams from winter semester 2019/2020 that have yet to be taken, and to summer semester exams, which may not be offered until winter semester 2020/2021. This rule does not apply to module exams or final theses which a student didn’t pass as a result of dishonesty.

This is handled differently for state examination courses: The same also applies in principle to all teacher training programmes (further information here), as well as to the medicine, dentistry and pharmacy programmes, but not for law. The rule has yet to be determined for other study programmes.

Do I have to re-register and pay semester fees if my studies are delayed due to pending examinations?

Yes.  While an exception was made for the summer semester, and examinations could be  taken even without having “student status”, all students must now re-register  for the winter semester if they still have exams to take after 30 September 2020  - regardless of whether or not they are make-up exams. For re-registration after the deadline (31 July), the rules for "late re-registration" apply.

Students  can apply to wave additional fees for second degrees (“undue hardship”) if they  can prove that they were not responsible for the delay in graduating.

Everyday student life

Currently, there are severe restrictions to everyday life. How are student life and the services offered by the Studentenwerk affected?

The current regulations also affect the services provided by the Studentenwerk. A special page on the Studentenwerk website    explains what applies to their cafeterias and café bars, whether facilities are open or closed (day care centres, counselling centres), and what you need to know about BAföG.

Due to the current situation, I have fallen into financial hardship. What can I do?

The German government has launched non-repayable financial assistance for students   , which has been available since 16 June. Studentenwerk Halle is responsible for processing applications and payment. You can find information on how to apply her   e.

Studentenwerk is also happy to provide advice on other financing issues and has set up a special Corona webpage   .

Due to the Corona pandemic, my parents are unable to assist me financially as they previously had done. What can I do?

You can apply for BAföG assistance. The local Studentenwerk can advise you and help  with the application. Its special Corona webpage covers this issue in great detail.    If you are already receiving BAföG, you can request  to update the details of your parents’ income to reflect a lower level of  income. You may receive a higher BAfög rate in the current year if you  qualify.

Organizational details

Will office hours be held?

There are no office hours at the Exam Offices, as well as in the Department of Studies and Teaching (Student Service Centre with the Admissions Office and Department 1.3 - Tuition Fees). Wherever possible you can and should deal with your concerns by telephone, e-mail or post.

General Student Counselling is once again offering on-site consultations - but by appointment only. Office hours of the BAföG Office can be found on the Studentenwerk's webpages   .

How do I validate my student ID card? Can the card still be used as a semester ticket without a stamp?

Our validation stations are currently accessible without restrictions. Stations are located in the Löwengebäude at University Square, in the Weinberg dining hall, at the Francke Foundations and in the library on the Steintor campus.

The show of goodwill by the public transport company for the semester ticket (proof: non-validated student ID + certificate of enrolment for the summer semester 2020 + official photo ID) expires at the end of the semester. In other words: If you want to use the semester ticket starting on 1 October 2020, you must have “valid until: 31.03.2021” printed on your student ID card for the winter semester 2020/2021.

The state parliament of Saxony-Anhalt decided in its session on 7 May 2020 to abolish long-term tuition fees. What does this mean?

Starting in the winter semester 2020/2021, long-term study fees will no longer be charged. Therefore, all official notices pertaining to this are no longer valid and students will no longer have to pay the listed fees. Students who have already transferred the fee for the winter semester will be refunded this money promptly.

Will the exceptional circumstances in the summer semester 2020 lead to an extension of the standard period of study?

Saxony-Anhalt is also currently planning to extend the standard period of study for the summer semester 2020 by one semester due to the constraints posed by the pandemic. The draft law is expected to be passed by the state parliament in October.

What happens if I have started a master’s programme in WS 2020/21 but am still unable to submit my bachelor’s certificate? How much time do I still have to do this?

Due to the current situation, the deadline for submitting bachelor's certificates has been extended to 31 March 2021 (instead of 31 January).

The deadline to provide evidence of a qualifying degree has also been extended for students who have started a master’s programme in the previous two semesters (i.e. in WS 19/20 or SS 2020). They now have until 30/09/2020.

Where can I find current information about the ULB and its branches?

The University and State Library (ULB) provides information about the current situation on its website and in FAQs.

My question isn’t included here – what should I do?

Please write to – we would be happy to answer your individual questions. These FAQs will be expanded if necessary. We will also promptly publish the latest developments here.