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Questions and answers: Information for students

FAQ (last update: 28 May 2020)


What is the scheduling for the summer semester?

For the start of classes on 6 April, the university set up online courses which it has since expanded. Summer semester 2020, which has already begun at the University of Halle, will continue to be held in a digital format. Classroom teaching can take place at the university from 4 May onwards if it is necessary for didactical reasons or if the content of the courses requires this.

Which courses will be allowed to be conducted at the university starting on 4 May and where can I find more information about them?

In-class teaching will only occur as an absolute exception starting on 4 May. It will only be allowed if the course cannot be carried out at all using online teaching methods, and strict hygienic conditions must be adhered to. The Ministry of Science published a general ruling on 3 May. Hygiene guidelines are currently being drawn up for in-class teaching and exams. The faculties and the university will decide which specific classes this will apply to based on a list of priorities.

I have been invited to a video conference in Stud.IP. How do I participate and what do I need to bear in mind?

Our instructors are using various video conferencing systems that all work in a similar fashion. Here is a quick guide to the technical requirements and how to conduct yourself in a large video conference or webinar.

I have not yet signed up for my summer semester 2020 modules on the Löwenportal. When do I have to do this by?

Normally, you have until two weeks after the start of lectures to sign up for modules. This deadline has been extended to 31 August 2020. You can sign up for and take the summer semester module even if compulsory participation requirements have not yet been met (e.g. if exams from the previous winter semester module are still outstanding). Nevertheless, please sign up for the module as early as possible. This is very important for organisational reasons.

Is the start of classes in winter semester expected to be postponed?

We are following the developments very closely. The Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK) published its thoughts on this matter     on 3 April. Important: All dates are non-binding preliminary plans.


Which exams will be cancelled?

All courses and exams which were to take place at the university before the end of April and which required physical attendance had to be cancelled, including individual oral exams, defending final dissertations/doctorates, laboratory internships, experiments by individual students for their final dissertations, and excursions.

Cancelled exams with be rescheduled for summer semester 2020. Unfortunately, we are not yet able to provide more specific details on this.

What will happen with exams that are scheduled to take place starting in May?

Exams may, in principle, be held at the university again starting on 4 May 2020. However, these will only be the exception and must be conducted under strict hygienic conditions which are still being prepared. The examination dates are organised by the faculties. More information can be obtained on the Löwenportal, your faculty’s website or by contacting your exam office. Please understand that examinations can only be organised gradually and that we are unable make any more concrete statements at present.

Is it possible to take exams in a different way?

Yes, individual oral exams can be conducted via a video conference. It is also possible to choose another exam form that does not require the student to by physically present at the university. This could be writing a term paper instead of taking an exam. This requires that all parties involved agree to this, i.e. the examiners as well as the students concerned.

What about deadlines for term papers or dissertations?

Work on term papers and dissertations was initially suspended until 19 April 2020. If you have not yet received any new information, please contact your exam office about what applies to your specific term paper from 20 April onwards.

The ILIAS learning platform offers a self-study course for writing a research paper.

What new exam formats will there be and how can I prepare for them?

During this digital semester, instructors can also specify other testing formats. In addition to term papers and projects, there will be oral exams via video conference and online exams. The LLZ has prepared an overview.

For the testing format “open online exam” there is a freely available sample test containing many different types of questions to try out.

Everyday student life

Derzeit kommt es im Alltag zu starken Einschränkungen. Wie sind studentisches Leben und Angebote des Studentenwerks betroffen?

Die aktuellen Regelungen beeinflussen auch die Dienstleistungen des Studentenwerks. Was für deren Mensen und Cafébars gilt, ob Einrichtungen geöffnet oder geschlossen sind (Kindertagesstätte, Beratungsstellen) und was es beim BAföG zu beachten gibt, wird auf der Sonderseite des Studentenwerks    erläutert.

Due to the current situation, I have fallen into financial hardship. What can I do?

Studentenwerk Halle will offer financial support to the extent that it is able. Please contact the social counselling service    at Studentenwerk Halle

Organizational details

Will office hours be held?

There are no office hours at the Exam Offices, as well as in the Department of Studies and Teaching (Student Service Centre with the Admissions Office and General Student Counselling, Department 1.3 - Tuition Fees). Wherever possible you can and should deal with your concerns by telephone, e-mail or post.

The BAföG  Office will only hold office hours for urgent matters as of now. For more information, please go to the Studentenwerk Website   .

Can I still validate my student ID card?

The Löwengebäude on University Square is currently open weekdays from around 6:30 am to 6 pm, so that you can still use the validation stations there. Other accessible locations are the Weinbergmensa, the Francke Foundations and the library at Steintor Campus.

If you are unable to come to these locations, please have your non-validated student ID card, the proof of enrolment for summer semester 2020 downloaded from the Löwenportal (printout or as pdf on the mobile phone), and an official photo ID on hand as proof of your entitlement to travel. This show of goodwill by MDV will apply until further notice.

Do long-term tuition fees have to be paid in summer semester 2020?

The state parliament of Saxony-Anhalt decided in its session on 7 May 2020 to abolish long-term tuition fees. Starting in winter semester 2020/2021, long-term tuition fees will no longer be charged. This has no effect on the payment of the long-term tuition fees for the summer semester 2020.

I am transitioning from doing my bachelor’s to my master’s and was supposed to present my bachelor's certificate to the Admissions Office by 31 March. This is not possible now because my last exam was cancelled. Will I now be unenrolled from the master’s programme?

No, due to the current situation, the deadline for submitting bachelor's certificates has been extended to 31 July 2020. No tuition fees will be due in the summer semester for the unplanned extension of your bachelor’s degree.

If I unenroll during the summer semester, will my semester fee be refunded?

The semester fee can only be refunded if you unenroll by 30 April 2020. After that date, only the unused portion of the semester ticket can be refunded. The semester fee is a solidarity fee which the Studentenwerk Halle relies on to finance its year-round services.

Wo finde ich aktuelle Informationen zur ULB und ihren Standorten?

Die Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek (ULB) informiert auf ihrer Website und in FAQ zur aktuellen Lage.

Meine Frage ist hier nicht beschrieben – was kann ich tun?

Schreiben Sie an – wir beantworten Ihre Anfrage individuell. Bei Bedarf werden diese FAQ erweitert. Auch neue Entwicklungen werden wir hier zeitnah abbilden.