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Questions and answers: Information for students

FAQ (last update: 7 June 2022)


How will teaching be conducted in summer semester 2022?

  • Classes in summer semester (start of lectures: 4 April 2022) will take place in person.
  • Classes will go back to “normal” time slots. Lecture halls can be at full capacity.
  • Changes (relaxation/tightening of regulations) are possible depending on the incidence of infection.

Vaccinations have been shown to be an effective way to protect yourself and other students from becoming infected with the corona virus. The City of Halle’s Corona webpage    lists which private doctors are offering Corona vaccinations and where there are other vaccination opportunities.

Is there a mask mandate at the University of Halle?

Since 7 June, mouth-nose protection no longer has to be worn in the lecture halls, corridors, staircases, etc. In other areas with public traffic (General Student Counselling Service, university library) different rules may apply.

However, since corona infections still cannot be ruled out, we still generally recommend wearing surgical masks or FFP2 masks.

Which method does the University of Halle use for providing proof and contact tracing?

None any longer! At the start of the summer semester, the 3G rule and contact tracing (“check-ins”) will no longer be required for any university event in accordance with nationwide legislation.

For medical reasons I cannot be vaccinated and due to personal circumstances (vulnerable group, chronic illness, etc.) I do not want to risk attending class in person. What are my options?

Even though the university is basically returning to in-person teaching, our instructors are aware of such individual circumstances. Therefore, please discuss your case directly with your respective instructors.

We would also like to refer you to our numerous counselling centres, which are listed (in German) on the General Student Counselling Website   .

I have been invited to a video conference in Stud.IP. How do I participate and what do I need to bear in mind?

Our instructors are using various video conferencing systems that all work in a similar fashion. Here is a quick guide to the technical requirements and how to conduct yourself in a large video conference or webinar.

My degree programme requires me to do an internship this semester, but this is currently not possible. What should I do?

Check whether the internship can be completed at another time. Usually course regulations do not prescribe - only recommend - it be done during a certain semester.

If a postponement is not possible, please discuss your case with your study course and exam committee. Internships vary so much in their nature that the university cannot make blanketed decisions about them.


How will exams be conducted in summer semester 2022?

Exams will also take place in person again.

Exam dates are organised by the faculties. For more information, please refer to the Löwenportal, your instructor, or your exam office.

Summer semester 2022: Are any exceptions being made for failed module exams?

No. Failed module examinations are again recorded as failed attempts.

What other exam formats are there? What do I need to consider?

As in the previous semesters, instructors can choose other exam  formats. In addition to a term paper or project work, there are online  formats like oral exams via video conferencing, take-home exams and  web-based open book exams. There are also online exams with video  supervision (distance exams) in which no study aids are permitted and  which require you to switch on your camera and microphone. The LLZ has  compiled an overview.

For the “online exam” format there is a freely accessible sample test with many different types of questions to try out.

What applies if I would like to withdraw from an exam?

You can cancel any scheduled exam in the Löwenportal without stating a  reason up to two days before the scheduled exam  (Saturday/Sunday/holidays not included). Therefore, if your exam is  scheduled for Monday, you would have to cancel at some point on  Thursday. If the exam is scheduled for a Friday, your cancellation must  be submitted by Wednesday.

The following applies to in-person examinations: After this deadline  or on the day of the examination itself, you can only withdraw from the  examination with a valid reason, for example due to illness or if you  can prove that you are unable to attend at short notice due to corona  (e.g., due to quarantine).

For all online exams (open book or take-home exams, distance exams),  you can still withdraw from the exam attempt by the end of the following  working day without stating a reason.

Do I have to re-register and pay semester fees if my studies are delayed due to pending examinations?

Yes, if you still have to take exams after 1 April 2022, including those that need to be made up.

For re-registration after the deadline (31 January), the rules for "late re-registration" apply.

Students  can apply to wave additional fees for second degrees (“undue hardship”) if they can prove that they were not responsible for the delay in graduating.

Who can I contact if I have a question about digital exams?

For all organisational questions (e.g. about registering for or deregistering from an exam, the exam date, withdrawing or booking), please contact your exam office.

For all technical and content-related questions about digital exams, please contact your respective instructor or refer to the general questions on the LLZ Wiki.

Everyday student life

Currently there are some restrictions to everyday life. How does this affect student life and the services offered by the Studentenwerk?

Incident rates determine whether in-person activities can be held at the University’s Sport Centre and the Collegium Musicum. Please check their websites (Sport | Music) and look out for emails containing information.

The current regulations also affect the services provided by the Studentenwerk. A special page on the Studentenwerk website    explains what applies in their cafeterias and café bars, whether facilities are open or closed (day care centres, counselling centres), and what you need to know about BAföG.

The Corona situation is troubling me so much that I am having considerable doubts as to whether I can cope with my studies and whether the path I have chosen is even the right one. What can I do?

First things first: You are not the only one experiencing such feelings - neither under normal conditions and certainly not under the current situation.

As student counsellors, we are currently seeing an above-average number of such misgivings in a wide variety of forms. Don’t delay in speaking with a counsellor.

Due to the current situation, I have fallen into financial hardship. What can I do?

Studentenwerk Halle provides advice on financing issues and has set up a special Corona webpage   .

The bridging aid for students    previously offered during other phases of the pandemic ended on 30 September 2021.

Due to the corona pandemic my parents are no longer able to financially support me like before. What options do I have?

You can apply for BAföG. The local Studentenwerk is responsible for consultation and processing. More detailed information    can be found on its corona page.

If you are already receiving BAföG, you can apply to update your application with information about your parents’ reduction in income to allow you to qualify for a higher BAföG rate this year.

In the meantime, the planned extension of the standard period of study aims to extend the length of BAföG payments (see below).

Where can I find current information about the ULB and its branches?

The University and State Library (ULB) provides information about the current situation on its website and in FAQs.

Organisational matters

I have tested positive. What should I do now?

First and foremost, we hope that your symptoms are mild and wish you a speedy recovery! If you have to suspend your studies for a longer period of time, the same rules apply with regard to organising your studies as those which apply to longer illnesses (possibility of a leave of absence). We provide information on special exam regulations in a separate section.

I’ve been noticing that I have typical symptoms.

Depending on the season, cold symptoms are a common occurrence and can have many different causes. It has always been important to minimise or avoid contact with other people if there is a risk of infection (also with other diseases).

This has become even more important in light of the Corona pandemic, which is still ongoing. Therefore, when typical symptoms occur, we strongly recommend taking a rapid test or a self-test as an added safeguard.

Have the service and student counselling centres reopened?

Most of the service centres were contactable at the height of the pandemic but were not allowed to offer in-person student counselling. Currently, many service and student counselling centres are returning to normal operations - but without a fixed, university-wide schedule. Therefore, please check directly with the respective offices to find out if and when in-person visits are possible (e.g. exam offices | student counselling listed by study programme).

The Infothek in the Löwengebäude – and thus also the Student Service Centre    including General Student Counselling and the Admissions Office – is currently open for in-person consultations.

The opening hours of the BAföG office can be found on the corresponding page of the Studentenwerk’s website   .

How do I validate my student ID card? Can the card still be used as a semester ticket without a stamp?

Most of the validation stations can be accessed during the buildings’ opening hours. The stations that are currently not accessible are listed in our site directory   .

Students will no longer be able to use their student ID card (USC) as a semester ticket without getting it validated first.

The USC will therefore only be accepted as a ticket if it has a stamp for the new semester (in this case: “valid until: 30/9/2022”).

Will the exceptional circumstances lead to an extension of the standard period of study?

Yes. Students who were enrolled in one or more of the semesters listed below and did not take a leave of absence can add the corresponding number of semesters to their standard period of study:

  • Winter semester 2021/22
  • Summer semester 2021
  • Winter semester 2020/21
  • Summer semester 2020

This particularly affects BAföG payments, which may be granted for a longer period of time as a result. You can find out more from the Studentenwerk    as the body responsible for this.

What happens if I have started a master’s programme but am still unable to submit my bachelor’s certificate? How much time do I still have to do this?

The normal deadline for submitting your bachelor’s certificate has been extended as follows:

Commencement of studies in summer semester 2021: the new deadline is 30 September 2021 (instead of 31 July).

Commencement of studies in winter semester 2021/2022: the new deadline is 31 March 2022 (instead of 31 January).

As of the summer semester 2022, there will no longer be any corona-related deadline extensions. Students who have started their master’s studies in April on a conditional basis must therefore submit the certificate qualifying them for enrolment by (once again) the regular deadline of July 31.

My question isn’t included here – what should I do?

Please write to – we would be happy to answer your individual questions. These FAQs will be expanded if necessary. We will also promptly publish the latest developments here.