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Studenten informieren sich über Angebote der Universität.

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Landesstudienkolleg Sachsen-Anhalt

Course start

All participants of the entrance test will receive an information leaflet on August 29th 2017.

The Studienkolleg website will publish those test numbers (see link above) whose test taker will receive a place for the winter term September -on September 1st 2017 10am.

The courses themselves will start on Monday, September 4th 2017.

RENED invitation for Studienkolleg entrance test - for summer term 2018

In order to receive a new invitation for the summer term 2018, please write an email to until October 31st 2017.

The following details should be included: name, birth date, uni-assist application number, recent post adress

The new invitation for the entrance test will automatically be send in November. Another application via uni-assist is not necessary, if you mind the deadline.

How to reach us

Adress: Nietlebener Straße 6-8, 06126 Halle

With public transportation to stop "Schwimmhalle"

From "Hauptbahnhof" - tram lines 2, 9

From "Markt" - tram lines 2, 10, 11

Directions to the Studienkolleg as a pdf with map
Wegbeschreibung Studienkolleg.pdf (208.1 KB)  vom 28.08.2012

Preparatory College courses (Studienkollegskurse)

In this section you will find a listing of the subjects with their degrees and which preparatory college course is intended. You can view these lists by subject, by degree and by course.

Preparatory College course-

subject-overview (sorted by degree)
Studienkolleg Kurs-Fach-Übersicht (nach Abschluss).pdf (58.1 KB)  vom 18.06.2014

Preparatory College course-subject-overview (sorted by subject)
Studienkolleg Kurs-Fach-Übersicht (nach Fach).pdf (58.1 KB)  vom 18.06.2014

Preparatory College course-subject-overview (sorted by course)
Studienkolleg Kurs-Fach-Übersicht (nach Kurs).pdf (58 KB)  vom 18.06.2014

Private Studienkollegs in Saxony-Anhalt

Applicants who could not enter Landesstudienkolleg Sachsen-Anhalt might alternatively attend a private Studienkolleg. Fees might be charged there.

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