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Central Institutions


The custodium as an art-historical and museologic research centre as well as  an administrative department of the University is an important partner for the rectorate and the numerous institutes of the MLU. It also is a integral part concerning the cultural and museal landscape of the region. The custodian of the university keeps the insignia and gowns of the academic senate  and is responsible for the celebration ceremonial of the senate.
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University Archive

The archive preserves the archival goods of the MLU and since 1993 the goods of the technical college Leuna-Merseburg and the college of education Halle-Köthen as well as of other teacher-training institutes.
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University and Regional Library of Saxony-Anhalt (ULB)

The university and regional library (ULB) in Halle is the largest scientific general library of Saxony-Anhalt and maintains a selection of over 5.42 million volumes of inventory. Valuable bookstocks and handwritings of past centuries are contained as well as constantly issued periodicals, of which there can be counted more than 12 300 magazines in printed or electronic form and over 283 500 micromaterials. This inventory is found in the central library and its 24 branch libraries. The ULB offers an extensive service ready for its users.
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University Computer Centre (ITZ)

Find information about the university’s own Computer Centre…
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Language Centre

The Language Center/Sprachenzentrum supports the Martin Luther University's drive to become more global through its promotion of multilingualism, cultural understanding, and openness to the world; missions that are aided by the center's hands-on, active learning center, the PULS.
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Collegium Musicum

Here you find information about musical activities at the university, the “Johann Friedrich Reichardt” choir and the academic orchestra.
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University Sports Centre

Find information about sports at the university, sports complexes, leisure sports, the university’s sides, courses, workshops and insurance…
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Preparatory College

The preparatory college is one of the central institution of the MLU and the technical college “Hochschule Anhalt”. It conveys the essential qualifications for successful academic studies, this includes the sufficient knowledge of the german language. It appeals preferential to foreign students, whose educational requirements do not meet the universities entrance qualifications.
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Teacher-Training Centre

The teacher-training centre undertakes the task of coordinating the teaching studies and serves as a contact point for all students of the teaching profession.
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@LLZ | Zentrum für multimediales Lehren und Lernen

Central Repository for Natural Science Collections

The Central Repository of Natural Science Collections (ZNS) unites under one roof the most comprehensive inventory of natural science collections in Germany. The majority of the ZNS’s collection is from the zoological collection, the “Julius Kühn” Domesticated Animal Museum and the Geiseltal Museum. The collections had been housed in the various departments at the MLU, such as the zoology or geology departments. Currently the university’s natural science collections are being combined into one central repository. The ZNS’s main tasks include research, teaching, maintenance of the collections and public relations. A museum is currently being created which will display the best artefacts from these natural science collections and explain and give insights into evolution, dispersion of species and extinction.
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