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Call for applications

Next steps at the application procedere

We received 489 applications. Thank you very much for your interest in the Germany Scholarship programme Deutschlandstipendium.

  1. Examination of all applications
  2. Selection of Germany Scholarship recipients by selection committee at the university on 21st September 2017
  3. Awarded applicants will be informed in writing about the results presumably in the end of September 2017
  4. Germany Scholarships paid out monthly starting at the beginning of the semester after confirmation of the recipients.
  5. Letter of refusal expected 4-6 weeks after session of the selection committee (presumably between middle of october to the end of october 2017)
  6. Every applicant will be informed via mail or e-mail about the results. Therefore please inform us in due time of any changes in your postal address.
  7. Cerenomy and "Come together" on 24th October 2017 at 4 pm with all sponsors and the new scholarship holders.

Overview study courses

Presumably 101 scholarships will be awarded. Up-to-date information concerning the number and individual fields of study will be provided on our webpage (date 30 th August 2017).

In addition to the study programmes listed on our webpage there will also be awarded free scholarships again. Free Scholarships are Scholarships that are not prior to special study programme preferences in respect of the sponsors. Therefore applications were both possible and desired for all study programmes!

FacultyField of studyStudy course
Theological FacultyEvangelische TheologieEvangelische Theologie (Kirchliches Examen)
Evangelische Religionspädagogik (Lehramt Staatsexamen)
Faculty of Law and Economic SciencesLegal SciencesLegal Sciences
Faculty of Law and Economic SciencesEconomic SciencesBuisness Economics
Human Resources Management
Medical FacultyMedizin und PflegewissenschaftenEvidenzbasierte Gesundheitspflege
Gesundheits- und Pflegewissenschaften
Humanmedizin allgemein
Humanmedizin mit Interessenschwerpunkt Nephrologie
Philosophical Faculty ISozialwissenschaften und historische KulturwissenschaftenKunstgeschichte
Philosophical Faculty IIPhilologien, Kommunikations- und MusikwissenschaftenMedien- und Kommunikationswissenschaften
Philosophical Faculty IIIErziehungswissenschaften sowie Lehramt Grund- und FörderschuleKatholische Religion (Lehrämter)
Lehramt für Grundschule
Lehramt für Förderschule
Faculty of Natural Sciences IBiosciences, Pharmacy, Biological SciencePharmaceutical and Industrial Biotechnology
Faculty of Natural Sciences IIChemistry, Physics and MathematicsPolymer Materiasl Science
Faculty of Natural Sciences IIIAgricultural and Food Sciences, Geosciences and Informatics
OthersLehramt Sekundarschulen und GymnasienLehramt Sekundarschulen und Gymnasien u.a. mit Lehramtsfach Katholische Religion