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Call for application for the Deutschlandstipendium
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Application Agreement for the Deutschlandstipendium
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Information about Data-Protection
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Call for applications

ATTENTION! Extended Application Period!

The application period for the Deutschlandstipendium is extended to 06 August 2018, 12.59 pm.

Call for applications for Winter Semester 2018/2019
Application period runs from 9th July 2018 until 6 August 2018

The application period for the Deutschlandstipendium for Winter Semester 2018/19 will begin on 7 July, 2018 8:00 am. The deadline is 6 August 2018, 12:59 pm. Please be reminded that the online-platform is available for the time of the application period only and application have to be handed in via the online platform exclusively.

Important Hints

1. Before you start your application, please read the Call for Applications and the Application Agreement carefully. Especially the Application Agreement has important information as well as a check list with a manual for the online application. You will be guided step by step through the online platform.
2. Please note that missing and incomplete applications as well as late applications will not be considered.
3. Applications without a signed Application Agreement cannot be considered. The deadline to hand in the signed Application Agreement is 6 August 2018. The postmark date is valid.

More information as well as the prerequisites for the application for the Deutschlandstipendium are available in our FAQ-section.

Online-Platform available from 9 July 2018, 8:00 am to 6 August 2018, 12:59 pm.

Overview of the Fields of Study

In addition to the study programmes listed on our webpage there will also be awarded free scholarships again. Free Scholarships are Scholarships that are not prior to special study programme preferences in respect of the sponsors. Therefore applications are both possible and desired for all study programmes!

FacultyField of studyStudy course
Theological FacultyEvangelische TheologieEvangelische Theologie (Kirchliches Examen)
Evangelische Religionspädagogik (Lehramt Staatsexamen)
Faculty of Law and Economic SciencesLegal SciencesLegal Sciences
Faculty of Law and Economic SciencesEconomic SciencesAccounting, Taxation and Finance
Buisness Economics
Wirtschaftswissenschaften (allgemein)
Medical FacultyMedizin und PflegewissenschaftenGesundheits- und Pflegewissenschaften
Humanmedizin allgemein
Humanmedizin mit Interessenschwerpunkt Nephrologie
Philosophical Faculty ISozialwissenschaften und historische KulturwissenschaftenPolitikwissenschaften
Philosophical Faculty IIPhilologien, Kommunikations- und MusikwissenschaftenMedien- und Kommunikationswissenschaften
Philosophical Faculty IIIErziehungswissenschaften sowie Lehramt Grund- und FörderschuleKatholische Religion (Lehrämter)
Faculty of Natural Sciences IBiosciences, Pharmacy, Biological ScienceBiochemie/Biotechnologie
Faculty of Natural Sciences IIChemistry, Physics and MathematicsChemie
Erneuerbare Energien
Faculty of Natural Sciences IIIAgricultural and Food Sciences, Geosciences and InformaticsAgrarwissenschaften
Angewandte Geowissenschaften (Fachgebiet Ingenieurgeologie)
Management natürlicher Ressourcen
OthersLehramt Sekundarschulen und GymnasienLehramt Sekundarschulen und Gymnasien u.a. mit Lehramtsfach Katholische Religion

Procedure of Choosing-Process

1. Examining all incoming applications.
2. Picking the recipients of the scholarship through a selection committee, presumably in October.
3. Sending out permit modests.
4. After an in-time handing in of the Annahmeerklärung for the scholarship, the payments will be monthly.
5. Sending out of declines about 4 to 6 weeks after the meeting of the selection committee.