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The tragedy "Patkul   " (1842; edited by Claudia Volland) was the first text edited and published by using "Kronos". Its HTML-version was posted on the internet in August 2007. The printed publication is planned to be published by the Oktoberverlag    in 2008 in the "Dramatischen Werke", Volume 2 by Karl Gutzkow. The dramatic sketch "Marino Falieri   " (1839; edited by Cornelia Hobritz, Stuttgart), was published in September 2007 as part of the digital complete edition. The fragmentary plays „Hamlet in Wittenberg“ (1835; edited by Claudia Tosun) and "Die Gräfin Esther" (1840; edited by Susanne Schütz) were revised with Kronos and their updated versions are available at the project homepage.

Further plays by Gutzkow online since August 2008: "Nero" (1835; edited by Anne Friedrich), "König Saul" (1839; edited by Susanne Hesse/ Marianne Schröter), "Richard Savage" (1842; edited by Susanne Hesse/ Juliane Parthier) and "Werner" (1842; edited by Anne-Kathrin Bernsdorf/ Roger Jones).