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FAQ's - Application with international degrees


I. General questions on the application

Am I a suitable candidate for my desired course of study?

Your formal eligibility will always be assessed for us by uni-assist. If you have questions about your qualification, you can check your university entrance qualification here in advance: Check: university admission   .

If you would like to know whether you are a suitable candidate for the desired degree programme based on your previous education, we recommend that you contact the programme advisor(s) for the respective degree programme directly. Only they can give you an evaluation of your suitability. The contact of the relevant programme advisors can always be found at the end of the subject page for your degree programme in our study offer.

When can I start applying to uni-assist for MLU Halle?

There is no set date from which the application portal at uni-asisst gets activated for applications for MLU Halle. For applications for the winter semester, the application portal normally opens around mid-February and for applications for the summer semester from the end of September/beginning of October. We will usually announce the start of the application period on our website. The application deadlines you will also find there.

Does the application cost anything? Are there any tuition fees at MLU Halle?

MLU Halle does not raise any application fees. However, uni-assist will charge fees for the application (currently 75€ for first and 30€ for  additional applications).

As a state university, we generally do  not charge any tution fees for the studies (with a few exceptions for  some study programmes and fees for second degree studies). However, all  students must pay a semester fee per each semester. This fee is a social  contribution and includes the ticket for public transport, the student  services and the representation of the student body (StuRa).

Can documents be submitted subsequently or do I need to submit them all at once?

You do not necessarily have to submit all documents at once with your application. Documents can be uploaded later in your my.assist account until the end of the application deadline. However, for a valid application, all mandatory documents must have been received by uni-assist by the end of the application deadline at the latest. Subsequent submission of mandatory documents will no longer be possible after the deadline. If mandatory documents are still missing after the deadline, this will usually lead to the application being disqualified. Please also note that uni-assist will not refund any fees in this case!

I applied. When can I expect a reply?

Once you have submitted your application, uni-assist needs about 4 weeks to process it. If there is a high volume of applications, this may even take up to 6 weeks. When everything was alright with your application, uni-assist will forward it to us. You will be notified of this by uni-assist.

We will then review your application in more detail. For applications for a programme with restricted access (NC), this can take another several weeks. Please note that you will not receive a confirmation of receipt nor a status update on your application from us in the meantime!

You can expect a reply from us at the following times:

For winter semesterFor summer semester
Studienkollegca. 2 weeks after receipt of the application by uni-assistca. 2 weeks after receipt of the application by uni-assist
Undergraduate programmes with open admission (no NC)from July/ August
Undergraduate programmes with restricted acces (NC)From mid-August
Master programmes with open admission (no NC)From JulyFrom February
Master with restricted access (NC)From mid-August

For M.Sc. Pharmaceutical and Industrial Biotechnology: Beginning of June

From mid-February

II. Proof of language proficiency

I have German citizenship. Do I still have to submit proof of German language skills?

German citizenship alone is generally NOT sufficient as proof of German (note: this also applies to German applicants with IB). However, the submission of a German language certificate can be omitted if you can prove, for example, that you attended a German school for at least 10 years. For applications with IB, German should be proven as A-level on the certificate.

English is an official language in my country or I have already studied in English. Do I still need an English certificate?

Depends. Depending on the degree programme, there are different regulations for proof of English language skills. If you want to apply for a degree programme for which proof of English is required, please find the information on the accepted proofs on the programme's page in our study offer.

As a general rule, however, if English is an official language in your country, this does not automatically count as proof!

In general, exclusively the following are exempted from this:
Native speakers who obtained the university entrance qualification or their study degree in one of the following countries and completed at least the last 2 years of the school or university education there: Australia, Ireland, Canada (excluding Quebec), New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, USA.

I want to apply for the preparatory college/ Studienkolleg. Which language certificates are accepted?

In general, you will need a certificate that indicates level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). As long as this condition is fulfilled, your certificate can be recognised. This means, there is no defined list of accepted language certificates for applications to the Studienkolleg. However, please note that it must be a proper language certificate. A certificate of attendance is not sufficient. Proofs from language apps such as Duolingo, Babbel or similar are also not accepted.

III. Admission and Enrolment

Can I receive a conditional admission if I have not yet fulfilled all admission requirements (e.g. language requirements)?

No. As a rule, MLU Halle does not issue conditional admissions. This means that all admission requirements must already be proven with the application or by the end of the application deadline at the latest.

I am still waiting for the student visa. Should I still pay the semester fee already?

If you are still waiting for your visa and do not yet know when and if it will be issued, we recommend that you wait with the payment of the semester fee. Refunds are usually only possible to European bank accounts by request by the following deadlines: by 30 April for the summer semester and 31 October for the winter semester.

Can the enrolment period be extended for me or can I enrol from abroad and start classes online?

Unfortunately, full enrolment and online participation in courses from abroad is not possible at MLU Halle. Courses are conducted face-to-face at our university, therefore personal attendance is required. This means, the studies must be started on site in the semester for which you have been admitted.

International students generally have an extra month to arrive in Halle and enrol (until 31 October for winter semester and 30 April for summer semester). An extension of this enrolment period is usually not possible.

Visa delays are unfortunately not a reason for which an extension of the enrolment phase can be granted.

Can I defer my admission to the next semester if I cannot start my studies on time?

No. The deferral of admissions is unfortunately not possible at MLU Halle for legal reasons. If you do not receive the visa in time to start your studies in the planned semester, we recommend reapplying at the next opportunity.

Exception: If you have been granted admission to the Studienkolleg entrance test and cannot attend the test in time, you can apply for an extension of your admission. You can find more information about this here.

IV. Visum

I have applied for the visa. Can MLU Halle do anything to speed up the process?

Unfortunately, MLU Halle cannot in general not speed up visa processes by contacting the embassies/consulates directly. However, you can provide our contact for reference.

Can MLU Halle issue me with additional letters or confirmations if these are required for the visa application?

Before you ask for additional letters, first consider the following: Your ladmission letter is specially worded so that it already contains all the relevant information that is usually necessary for the visa application (language of instruction, start of semester, etc.). In our experience, the admission letter is completely sufficient for a successful visa application in most countries.

My visa was issued for another German university. Can I still use it to enrol at MLU Halle?

Generally, only the German embassy and/or the Foreigners' Registration Office can give you valid information about the visa.

In our experience, it is usually no problem to enrol with us while having a visa for another university if the purpose (study) is the same. However, we recommend that you enquire with the embassy/foreigners' registration office to prevent later problems with the residence permit.

V. Preparation for studies in Halle

Do I get a room or a place at the student dormitory with my admission?

Unlike in other countries, a place in a hall of residence is not automatically included at German universities. This means students have to look for accommodation on their own. The Studentenwerk    (student service centre) of our university runs different dormitories for which you can apply. Since capacities are limited, a place can however not be guaranteed. Therefore, we recommend to look for private accommodation at the same time. Useful information and links for finding accommodation can be found here: Accomodation   .

Attention: Please protect yourself when looking for private housing and be aware of possible scammers! With serious offers, you will not be asked to pay any money in advance before a contract has been agreed.