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Application with degrees from India

APS Certificate - special regulation for applications with Indian degrees also effective for summer semester 2024

From application period for the winter semester 2023/24, the APS certificate became a compulsory part of the application for applicants with Indian degrees.

As the workload at the Academic Evaluation Centre (APS) in India is still high, resulting in long waiting times for obtaining the certificate, different regulations on the APS certificate currently apply to different applicant groups for summer semester 2024. Please find the information applicable to you below.

1. Application for all study programmes/ Studienkolleg (living abroad)

Applicants with Indian degrees, who still live abroad and want to apply for a study programme or the preparatory college/Studienkolleg with us, will be able to submit their application without the certificate via uni-assist for now. Uni-assist will still process your application and forward it to us, if submitted correctly.

Once received, the APS certificate must be submitted as follows:

a) Receipt BEFORE the application deadline -> Please upload the document in your my-assist account. Uni-assist will  notify us afterwards.

b) Receipt AFTER the application deadline -> Submit the document directly to the  university. The certificate must be presented to  us by the time of your personal enrolment at the latest.

Important: The APS certificate is also mandatory for applicants who graduated from an Indian school outside of India.

2. Application for all programmes/ Studienkolleg (living in Germany)

Applicants with Indian degrees who already live in Germany currently do not need to submit an APS certificate with their application, regardless of the desired study programme. Please submit your application as usual via uni-assist. We recommend to upload any proof about Germany as your habitual residence (certificate of registration, residence permit or else) with your application.

If you have visited a preparatory college (Studienkolleg) in Germany already and want to apply with your FSP afterwards, you will not need an APS certificate either.

Effective: 19/09/2023