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Day Care in Leipzig

In Leipzig, day care for children    is possible in a day care facility owned by the city, a day care facility in private ownership or by a nanny. Parents can choose which of these options (and additionally which institution) they would like to use as long as there is excess capacity. Usually, children between the ages of 0 to 6 can be taken care of.

Point of contact for support in looking for child care is the “Amt für Jugend, Familie und Bildung   ” (bureau for youth, family and education), which also offers personal counselling.

Day Care Facilities in Leipzig

Leipzig has around 260 day care facilities, which are operated either publicly or in private ownership (around 75% are operated in private ownership). On the website    you will find the “Elternportal” (parents’ portal) of the city of Leipzig, which supports parents in their search for child care. Here, you can at first register your requirement of child care, which is a prerequisite to receive a free day care place. Subsequently, you can find information about all the child care possibilities, for example the educational concepts of the separate facilities. Additionally, using the search for free places, available day care places can be tracked down and an inquiry can be sent straight away.

However, the parents’ portal is not a centralized instrument for the allocation of day care places, so it is advisable for parents to actively look for child care possibilities themselves and inquire in different facilities. A list of all of Leipzig’s day care centres can be found here   .

Additionally, you can research on the website of the city of Leipzig    which day care centres have only just opened recently, which construction projects are planned and when these will be finished.

Nannies in Leipzig

A nanny (in German, “Tagesmutter” or “Tagesvater”) provides day care for individual children or small groups    up to 5 children. Nannies are professionally trained and are mediated by the network for communal children and youth    support and other private agencies of youth support. Parents can find further information about agencies    that offer nannies in Leipzig on the website of the city of Leipzig.

Financing for Day Care Facilities and After School Care

Under certain circumstances it is possible to request that the city of Leipzig pays for day care   . In order to do so, an application    has to be sent to the city.

Additional Day Care Options

Private short-term child care is offered by “Wiesenknopf   ”. “Wiesenknopf” is able to take care of children in exceptional situations such as illness of the nanny. They offer specially equipped facilities and substitute bases in the disctricts Gohlis, Schleußig, Zentrum and Südvorstadt.