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Schools in Halle

General Information

The school system in Halle is subdivided into the primary and secondary section (similar to the distinction between primary and secondary schools). The primary section includes elementary school from first to fourth grade. The secondary section is split again into two sections: the secondary section I is composed of the classes 5-10 or 5-9 (at grammar schools, called “Gymnasium”) and the evening intermediate school. The secondary section II includes the classes 10-12 at grammar schools, vocational schools, evening grammar schools and colleges.

The city of Halle provides information concerning the German school system    and the different kinds of schools on its website.

You can translate all the texts on the city's website by highlighting the parts you'd like to translate and then using the "Übersetzung" feature that pops up. You can then select your preferred language.

Primary Schools

There are 38 primary schools in Halle: 32 communal schools (owned by the city itself) and 6 which are privately owned.

The admission to communal primary schools is ensued according to school catchment areas.

Further information regarding enrollment and school registration    can be found on the website of the city of Halle.

Primary schools of the city of Halle:
Grundschulen der Stadt Halle.pdf (245.9 KB)  vom 26.06.2017

Allocation of streets for primary school catchment areas:
Schulbezirke Halle.pdf (3.1 MB)  vom 27.03.2023

Secondary Schools

Secondary schools in Germany include intermediate schools, comprehensive schools, vocational schools, grammar schools and evening intermediate and grammar schools. Further explanations concerning secondary schools is provided by the city of Halle here   .

An overview of the different schools in Halle (partly sorted by boroughs) can be found here   .

In fourth grade, children receive a binding recommendation for the choice of further education.

The leaflet of the city of Halle provides information about the admission to secondary schools   .

Bilingual schools

The Free Primary School Friedemann Bach Halle    employs a bilingual as well as musical-artistic concept. English is taught from first grade and other lessons are also taught bilingually.

The Protestant Primary School Halle    is working on offering a bilingual profile.

For secondary schools, the city of Halle provides the concept of so-called Europe Schools, in which bilingual education is offered:

The Johann Christian Reil Secondary School   .

The Latina August Hermann Francke Grammar School    with a special branch for languages.

Halle does not have an international school; however, the cities of Leipzig and Magdeburg offer the following international private schools:

The Pierre Trudeau Primary School    and the Pierre Trudeau Grammar School    in Magdeburg.

The International School    in Leipzig.


Communal schools in Halle which are accessible:
Barrierefreie Schulen der Stadt Halle.pdf (92.9 KB)  vom 06.07.2017