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Schools in Leipzig

General Information

Leipzig’s school system    is in accordance with that of the state Saxony. Hence, all children are legally required to attend school who turn 6 years old until the 30 June of the year of school enrollment.

Scholastic education starts with the primary section: the primary school, which is attended from first to fourth grade. The following secondary section is split again into two sections: the secondary section I is composed of the classes 5-10 or 5-9 (at grammar schools, called “Gymnasium”) and the evening intermediate school. The secondary section II includes the classes 10-12 at grammar schools, vocational schools, evening grammar schools and colleges.

In the brochure schools in Leipzig   , parents can find a detailed overview of all schools in Leipzig with information regarding location, equipment, focus and possible after school care.

A list of all schools who offer classes in German as a second language can be found on the Website "Schools with German as a second language (DaZ) for children and teenagers   ".

Primary Schools

Every child who will be required to attend school receives an informational letter from the city of Leipzig around one year prior to enrollment. The letter lists the school districts    and parents get further information about the procedure and the required documents for school enrollment   .

Some primary schools offer special classes for children with reading and spelling disabilities. For better integration, some primary schools also offer special classes for migrant children. Information on which schools have special classes can be found in the overview of all schools in Leipzig   .

Secondary Schools

Every child receives a binding educational recommendation    in grade four which will help to decide whether a child will attend a grammar school or intermediate school.

At intermediate schools   , a secondary school certificate can be obtained. At a grammar school   , the A levels can be obtained, which enables students to attend universities.

International and Bilingual Schools

A list of all schools with German as a second language can be found on the Website "Schools with German as a second language (DaZ) for children and teenagers   ".

The private agency Leipzig International School gGmbH    offers both the Leipzig International Kindergarten and the Leipzig Primary and Secondary School. Here, children are taught in English from fifth to twelfth grade and can obtain the internationally accepted degrees International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) or International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).

Furthermore, the Goethe grammar school    offers a bilingual education and the Anton-Philipp-Reclam school    provides an advanced linguistic education.

Accessible Schools

In 2019, the city’s parents’ council    has published a list of all schools in Leipzig which have an accessible entrance. More detailed information on accessibility on all of Leipzig’s schools can be found in the overview of all of Leipzig’s schools   .